President's Welcome :

Tremendous emphasis on the scientific and mechanical ways of life is reducing man to the status of a machine at a very rapid pace. Moral and religious values are being undermined. Swami Vivekananda rightly opined that the solution of all these social evils is education. Precisely, it lies in the purpose of education. For him, “the end of all education is man-making”. Thus, Education, in his views, means that process by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, and intellect is sharpened, as a result of which one can stand on one’s own feet.

In order to inculcate right values in the students, Charotar University of Science and Technology - CHARUSAThas been established as a University fostering High Moral and Ethical Values.Honesty, Integrity, and Transparency have been the benchmarks of CHARUSAT in both word and action.

CHARUSAT is emerging as a Global Education Hubwith a thrust on Research & Development and social relevance. It strives to transform the society through creation, augmentation, dissemination and perpetuation of knowledge. For the purpose, a Research and Development Centrehas also been established on the Campus. Uniquely, CHARUSAT has also established a Space Technology Centre to initiate and foster research in Space Technology.

Uniquely, CHARUSAT focuses on converting eyes into sight and vision; information into knowledge and wisdom; and demography into citizens and harmonious living. Hence, Curricula, at CHARUSAT, have been designed to help the students use their capabilities to the fullest and become creative, constructive and productive members of the society. Further, programs at CHARUSAT enable the students not only to gain an understanding but also to develop insights in altered research areas. Teachers also dedicate their efforts to construct and facilitate opportunities where the students can practice and experience creativity.Moving a step ahead towards the purpose of education, CHARUSAT aims to make its students Job Creators and not Job Seekers.

Efforts are also made for education amelioration in rural schools through aRural Education Development Program.On-Campus and Outreach Activities are organized for School Students, Teachers and School Management. There also exists a Human Resource Development Centreto hone competencies of Faculty and Staff.

Finally, CHARUSAT fosters a niche for world class education at the rural base. It aspires to be a World Class University.Primarily, it strives to be in the league of Top 20 Universities at National Level.It has also charted out Road Map.

I, earnestly, request you all to join hands with CHARUSAT and work towards the realization of this aspiration. Many have already volunteered in this Seva Yajya through their magnanimity; knowledge, skills and resource sharing; and through their association with CHARUSAT either as a Faculty, Staff or Student.
On behalf of CHARUSAT Family, I extend a word of gratitude to all and also invite all to visit the Campus, witness the development and be a part of the Journey.